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Gruppo Atlantis Advanced Crew Escape Suit - We Provide Your Needs …

Underwater Treasure Hunting, Escape Suits – SCUBA Divers Find Salvage Diving Rewarding

Advanced Crew Escape Suit 1The world’s oceans take up approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface. Imagine how much stuff lies underneath it. Since the beginning of time the waters of the world have been an unexplored realm that has remained mostly untouched until recently. The invention of scuba has opened up the possibilities of not only exploring, learning, and enjoying the underwater world, but also recovering what has been lost and hidden beneath its deep expanses.

Treasure hunting has a mysterious ring when it rolls off your tongue. It’s an intriguing diving job that will take you to the far regions of the earth in search of buried treasure, but will also have you huddled in the corner of the world’s best libraries researching everything and anything about your newest treasure quest.

Countless hours of intense research will often lead you to buried treasures that have been lost for centuries. It’s a profession that is truly hit or miss. The majority of the time you will come up empty handed, but when you do find the lost treasures of long departed pirates you will be more than pleased with yourself.

Sailing Schools Focused On Recreational Not Commercial Training

Regardless of whether you want to day sail in enclosed waters or circumnavigate the globe, attending a sailing school can be a wise choice. Sail schools are sure to have a course to suit virtually anyone interested in sailing for pleasure. They provide training and instruction in a broad range of competencies including crewing, steering or helming, handling sails, seamanship and navigation.

Many schools are affiliated with the UK-based Royal Yachting Association (RYA) training program. The main instructors are qualified as RYA Instructors as well as RYA Examiners. The RYA program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive training program for leisure yachtsmen in the world. The accreditation the school provides on successful course completion has worldwide recognition. Some schools also receive approval from the local coast guard.

Advanced Crew Escape Suit 2The schools provide professional classroom and on-the-boat training. It is fun and safe. Thousands of Australians of all ages have successfully completed sailing courses.

The full RYA course program starts with the Competent Crew unit then the Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and finally the RYA Yachtmaster. The courses build on each other and provide core competencies. The Competent Crew unit involves 5 days of instruction and experienced dinghy sailors usually find it beneficial to complete at least some of the program.

Individuals need not complete all four of the RYA courses from beginning to end in order to be granted RYA Yachtmaster standing. They may enter the program at any stage provided their prior knowledge is deemed satisfactory. Persons without prior knowledge will usually struggle in the advanced stage of the program.

The courses are designed for recreational sailing. They do not provide a commercial qualification. However, persons with commercial objectives should note that a number of European charter boat operations require RYA Day Skipper training as a minimum qualification for their skippers. An RYA qualification may also be of benefit for insurance purposes. Schools conduct both classroom and practical on-the-water training aboard full-sized yachts. The practical training typically proceeds even if the weather is wet or blustery, up to gale strength. Students learn how to derive the best out of a yacht, regardless of weather conditions.

Sailing Schools Are A Great Way To Learn

Whether you sail around the bay or the globe, attending a sailing school may be the best thing you ever do. They will have a course to suit everyone interested in sailing for pleasure. They can provide instruction in all aspects of sailing including crewing (all positions), helming, immersion suits, sail handling, seamanship, pilotage or inshore navigation, coastal navigation and offshore navigation. Offshore navigation instruction usually covers electronic navigation and celestial navigation.

Many schools are endorsed by the well regarded Royal Yachting Association (RYA). The RYA course is considered by many to be the best training program for recreational yacht sailors on the planet. The accreditation the school provides successful students on course completion will have world recognition. Some schools are also approved by the local coast guard agency.

Advanced Crew Escape Suit 3Importantly, the schools provide professional training both in the classroom and on the water in an environment that is enjoyable and safe. Thousands of people have successfully completed sail school courses in Australia. A formal agreement to transition Australian schools to be fully RYA compliant was established in 2008.

A typical course progression might start with the RYA Competent Crew course then move on to RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper and, finally, the challenging RYA Yachtmaster course. Each course provides vital core competencies. The Competent Crew course is a five day program. Even experienced dinghy sailors find benefit in completing at least some sections of his program.

Individuals need not complete all the courses from beginning to end to achieve RYA Yachtmaster accreditation. They may enter at any stage provided their prior experience is assessed as adequate. Prior knowledge is assumed at the advanced stages of the program. Individuals without that knowledge may struggle if they attempt an advanced stage without adequate preparation or experience.

The courses are targeted at recreational sailors. The schools provide a recreational, not commercial qualification. However, individuals with commercial ambitions should note that many charter boat firms in Europe require the RYA Day Skipper as the minimum qualification to accept responsibility as a skipper. An RYA qualification may also be beneficial from an insurance perspective. Some schools also provide courses with commercial ambitions, designed specifically for individuals with plans to crew on or master commercial super yachts or charter boats.